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Don't forget about these 5 assets when dividing property

If you are getting divorced or considering filing for divorce, you likely have thought about what that decision means for your property. You probably think about whether you will keep your home, your car, your retirement savings and the money in your bank accounts. 

Dealing with debt? How it can affect marriage and divorce

When people are in debt, they may not be able to provide they things they want for their kids or buy the home of their dreams. Many people might spend time worrying about how to pay for the things they need at the expense of enjoying time with the family.

How does property division work in an Arizona divorce?

One of the top concerns people have during a divorce is how their assets will be divided. Spouses can be angry and distrustful; many feel scared about what their financial situation will look like after divorce. As such, the division of assets can be one of the most difficult and contentious elements of an Arizona divorce.

Why is the valuation date of marital assets important?

When couples with significant assets split up, those assets must be professionally valuated in order to accurately divide the community property from the marriage. Assigning the proper dollar amount to each marital asset requires that the valuation date for each is correctly identified.

Do divorcing spouses need qualified domestic relations orders?

For some couples, a divorce judgment is all that they need to resolve their property settlement. But for those couples with one or more retirement accounts or pension funds, an additional document must be drafted and filed with the court in order for benefits to be correctly apportioned to the proper individuals.

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