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Compassionate Advocacy In Orders Of Protection

Last updated on June 18, 2020

If you are the victim of domestic violence, or under the threat of domestic violence, then you may need to seek a protective order. You can obtain an order of protection to limit or eliminate permitted contact between you and your abuser.

In Arizona, the law outlines specifically who you may request an order of protection against. For example, you may seek a domestic violence protective order against your spouse or ex-spouse, a parent or stepparent, a sibling — or even a roommate or former roommate.

The law also sets forth the actions or circumstances that may support the court granting an order of protection. The accused may have trespassed, harassed you by phone or in person or threatened you with words or actions. These are just a few examples of actions that may warrant an order of protection.

The domestic violence law in Arizona is fairly broad and encompasses a number of different familiar and familial relationships as well as a number of different acts of domestic violence. Because of this, speaking with a lawyer can help you in the process. At Alongi Law Firm, PLLC, we can work with you to understand whether a protective order is appropriate for your circumstances.

Understanding What A Protective Order Cannot Do For You

A protective order is not a substitute for dealing with family court issues. While an order of protection may be warranted, you must ultimately pursue divorce and custody issues in family court in order to get a resolution of those issues.

A protective order is not a safety guarantee. While it is legally enforceable and a violation is a criminal offense, the order of protection is not a substitution for careful safety planning. We can help you work with local resource centers that will guide you on developing a safety plan for your individual needs.

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