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Creating a child-friendly parenting schedule

Maricopa County parents who are getting a divorce may want to explore a variety of solutions for parenting time. Parents aiming for a 50/50 split, which is increasingly common, may find that for younger children, alternating weeks means too much time away from each parent. Children can develop separation anxiety as a result.

Women are more likely to file for divorce

While many people in Maricopa County might think that women are more interested in marriage than men, divorce statistics show that they are also more likely to end an unhappy relationship. According to a 2015 study conducted by the American Sociological Association, women initiate up to 70% of divorces across the country, far exceeding the number of divorces initiated by men. This marks a sharp upturn from the past, but there are many reasons for these changes. In the first place, women are more likely to work outside the home, and more people tend to marry those of roughly equal financial circumstances.

"Strategic divorce" could provide financial benefits

The debate about taxing the wealthy is not restricted to presidential campaigning. For some people in Maricopa County, these discussions have sparked serious thoughts about how they might respond to changes in the tax system in an attempt to keep a greater proportion of their income. One of the issues that has been highlighted is the "marriage penalty." While people at lower income levels often receive tax benefits by marrying, those in the highest bracket enter it as a married couple earlier than they would as two single high earners. However, few wealthy people are likely to divorce to save hundreds of dollars on taxes, especially given that the costs associated with property division would far outweigh the tax savings involved.

Parental alienation claims may obscure abusive reality

For California victims of domestic violence, the abusive behavior of the perpetrator can, at times, follow them into the courtroom. Many victims are frequently urged to leave their abuser, but they may also suffer when they attempt to seek safety. For example, victims have been accused of parental alienation when they raise the issue of abuse in a child custody hearing. The phrase "parental alienation" may seem simple, as if it refers only to one parent spreading negative ideas about the other parent and undermining the parent-child relationship.

Strategies co-parents can use to cope with problems after divorce

After going through a divorce, many co-parents in Arizona feel like they are navigating through a completely different world. While they are dealing with their own pain, they also need to make smart parenting decisions as they look out for the best interests of their children. The following strategies have helped co-parents with some of the most common issues faced after a divorce.

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