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With more marital assets comes more complications in divorce

Every divorce presents complications, like a difficult child custody situation or just a lot of bitterness between the parties. High-asset divorces are no different, except they include unique challenges, especially concerning division of marital assets. Below, we discuss some examples.

Is there a connection between domestic violence and homelessness?

Victims of domestic violence face countless challenges, including threats to their physical safety and severe emotional trauma. Many also encounter significant financial hurdles that hinder any flight from an abusive relationship.

Unfortunately, January is an especially vulnerable time for domestic violence victims in Arizona. This is especially true when you look at the risks of displacement and homelessness.

How to divide collectibles, collections in a divorce

Dividing assets in any divorce can become problematic. Spouses often disagree about what should be shared in the first place, and may also quarrel over how to divide complex property, such as an investment plan, real estate, or a business. But difficulties can also arise over tangible objects, such as collections or collectibles, that belong together and lose significant value if scattered during a divorce. This can include art, stamps, figurines, comic books, or antique jewelry.

Here are some suggestions.

Why do some people legally separate instead of divorce?

Marital dissolution is a major life event affecting millions of Americans. While common, divorce is not the only option for people who wish to end a relationship. In Arizona, spouses may legally separate instead for several reasons.

Native American adoption law faces new challenge

A new challenge to a 40-year-old federal law puts its future in jeopardy. The law allows relatives or tribe members of a displaced child to determine where they are adopted.

Opponents say the law is racially unjust. Proponents say it helps preserve native culture. Here’s what the law was written to do, and why it’s now being challenged:

International Travel with Children

As 2018 draws to a close, many Arizonans may be planning international travel with their children next summer, or during spring break. This can be a difficult and sensitive topic for parents who share custody because of a family court case.

Read on for a list of important considerations!

Pitfalls in Your Family Court Case

Family court cases present multiple issues, such as legal decision-making for a child, parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, and property or debt division. Each of these issues, in turn, is complex. So it is not unusual for parties to get disorganized, confused, or overwhelmed by the minutiae of divorce filings. Without support and helpful resources, people can misstep.

Tips for spending time with and without your kids this holiday

The holidays can be a stressful, unpredictable time of year. This can be especially true for parents navigating this time of year for the first time after a divorce.

One particular challenge parents in this situation can struggle with is figuring out what to do when you are and are not with your children. Below are some tips for how to make this a little easier.

Arizona celebrates National Adoption Month this November

Thanksgiving is not the only holiday during the month of November. All 50 states across America celebrate National Adoption Month in November of each year.

The month also includes National Adoption Day on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to promote adoptions of foster care children across the country.

Does domestic violence increase over the holidays?

Contrary to popular myths, domestic violence does not actually increase over the holiday season. According to 10 years of findings from the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH), the number of domestic violence calls significantly decreases over the holidays.

For instance, the NDVH received an average of 835 domestic violence calls per day in 2015. However, there was an average of 490 calls between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Overall, the hotline received 12 percent fewer calls a day during the holiday season than the rest of the year.

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