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International abductions require special procedures

Parental kidnapping is a real threat that is magnified if the abductor manages to leave the United States. Although this type of custody interference is frequently seen in situations where one parent is a foreign national, parental abductions where the child is taken to other countries sometimes occur even when both parents are American citizens.

Sometimes there may be signs that parents are planning to abduct their own kids. The other parent may see packed bags stashed in the trunk or discover that passports or birth certificates are missing. They could learn of airline ticket purchases or see other signs of potential abduction.

Wedding photographers notice divorce red flags

Wedding photographers are in a unique position to observe the interactions between brides and grooms during wedding photo shoots. As such, below are some common red flags these professional shutterbugs have noticed often lead to broken marriages.

The couple lacks chemistry

Many myths surround domestic violence

Many myths surround domestic violence despite it occurring across all economic and cultural backgrounds. A quarter of all women experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetimes. This fails to account for the millions more who endure severe verbal and emotional abuse.

Below are some of the misconceptions associated with domestic violence.

Take the complexity out of shared expenses in child custody

Many aspects of child custody are difficult for parents to deal with. The shared expenses for the child are one of the issues that is going to continue plague your parenting relationship if you don't work with your ex to set up a clear plan for handling them.

These costs come in a variety of forms, including medical and school expenses. Your child custody agreement should clearly define what constitutes a shared expense so that you can plan for these. Here are some points to remember about handling these situations:

Can Arizona dads win custody of their kids?

Fathers of past generations used to be at a disadvantage when pursuing child custody cases against the mothers of their children. While the pendulum has begun to swing in the other direction, giving fathers a better chance at justice in Maricopa County family law courts, dads still sometimes wind up shortchanged of time with their children.

If you're an Arizona father seeking custody of your kids, the below tips may be helpful.

Art collections should be appraised in a divorce

If you are involved in a divorce in Maricopa County and have a valuable art collection, it's vital that you have the pieces professionally appraised prior to agreeing to any proposed property settlement.

Because the art world is unregulated, anyone can hang out a shingle as an art dealer and price the art as arbitrarily as they choose. Finding a reputable appraiser can let you know the correct market value of the pieces in your collection.

Get all real estate properly appraised when divorcing

If you and your spouse are divorcing and own property together, whether you keep or sell your holdings, it's vital to get them accurately appraised.

Don't expect the judge in your divorce to be able to assess a value to the family home and/or other properties like vacation homes and rental units. That's out of his or her wheelhouse. You and your soon-to-be ex must hire a fair and impartial appraiser in order to derive the market value of the property.

Can I keep my engagement ring if we break up?

It remains a sad truth that not all engagements end in fairy tale weddings. For those relationships that are consigned to the ash heap of regrets, the final disposition of the ownership of the engagement ring can become a point of contention.

Looking to the past, tradition states that the one who broke the engagement had to forfeit the ring. For instance, if the prospective groom gets cold feet and doesn't show up at the altar to join his bride, the ring can sometimes be considered a consolation prize of sorts to the jilted woman.

Links between domestic violence, animal abuse exist

Some of the collateral damage of domestic violence is the abuse that the beloved pets of the victims suffer. But the Phoenix courts have begun recognizing a link between animal abuse and domestic violence.

Some courts are extending the orders of protection they give domestic violence victims to include custody of pets. The orders also include provisions that abusers may not have access to the pets. At the prosecutors' discretion, they can ask the judge to mandate defendants accused of abusing animals to attend counseling for domestic violence in order to accept a defendant's plea bargain.

Understanding modern spousal support awards in Arizona

For many years, spousal support was an important part of divorce, focused on helping two spouses divorce fairly without one party or the other entering financial ruin in the process. In many cases, only one spouse was the primary breadwinner in a home while the other spouse spent his, or, more often, her time in addressing matters at home.

However, while many couples still choose to operate their lives together this way, spousal support is less commonly awarded than it used to be. Even in cases where a court does honor a request for spousal support, other factors like child support orders and property division in the divorce affect the prospects of spousal support heavily.

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