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Do I have any separate assets?

In most divorces, parties can expect to divide their assets between them as part of the property division process. And with some exception, parties can expect this division to be equal.

However, separate property is typically not eligible for division, meaning that it would stay with the owner in the event of a divorce. This can come as considerable relief to people with separate property, including the following assets.

Is it always best to play nice during a divorce?

Divorce often puts people in uncomfortable positions. Many people feel angry and frustrated, but also want to avoid bitter courtroom battles and get through the process as quickly as possible. This can make some people feel like they must play nice and be agreeable throughout the process.

However, while it is important to try to focus on cooperation in the interest of finding solutions, "playing nice" may not be the best approach in all situations. We examine a few of these situations below.

Ways to make co-parenting work after divorce

If you are considering a divorce, it is normal to wonder how co-parenting duties will work once you are living separately from your ex-spouse. While there may not be an exact way to set-up co-parenting duties, there are ways to create an environment that is healthy and best for both parents and children.

Co-parenting is the most successful when both parents can still work together even though they may be dealing with differences. Research has shown that the better parents can interact with each other, the better the kids mental and emotional state will be. Adjusting to a joint parenting arrangement can have its challenges. Working within schedules, planning drop-offs and even finding time to have a conversation with your ex can be difficult. As you navigate to this new way of life, here are a few things to keep in mind that can make the transition easier.

Taking a stand against domestic violence this month

Did you know that October is recognized as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month? All month long, people across the country are urged to discuss the topic of domestic violence and take steps to stop and prevent it.

An estimated 75 percent of people know someone who is or has been in an abusive relationship. This month, you can take a stand to stop a cycle of abuse, whether you are a friend, a victim, or someone accused of violence.

Four mistakes that could ruin a prenuptial agreement (PNA)

Prenuptial agreements (PNAs) are growing increasingly common for couples preparing to marry. These agreements aren't reserved for high-profile or affluent people; they are valuable tools that can protect the assets and interests of any individual.

If you are interested in creating a PNA, make sure it is fair and meets legal requirements. Otherwise, it is a pointless exercise. This means avoiding common mistakes like these below.

3 time-related mistakes to avoid during your divorce

There is a lot to do and think about when navigating the family court process. People are often figuring out their finances, living situation, and parenting schedules - not to mention coping with the difficult emotions.

Staying organized can be particularly challenging, but it is important. Here are some common, time-related missteps.

Sharing custody on Halloween doesn't have to be scary

With just a month before Halloween, kids across Arizona are already planning costumes and starting to map out the best trick-or-treating routes. If you share custody of your kids, then you will want to do some preparation yourself.

For instance, you will want to be sure you and the other parent are clear on the custody arrangement for Halloween, as well as any other obligations or opportunities that might arise. Start by reviewing your parenting agreement, and then discuss with each other and your child what they want the holiday to look like. 

What happens if I want a divorce but my spouse doesn't?

If you are ready to end your marriage but your spouse isn't, you can be understandably concerned about whether he or she will be able to prevent you from getting a divorce. In the end, a reluctant spouse can probably delay a divorce, but rarely succeeds in stopping it.

Below, we examine the measures a person might take to hinder a divorce.

Tips to create the best parenting plan for teens

Teens between 14 and 17 years old become moody and anxious even in the best of times. They are physically different. Their brains are rapidly developing into maturity, and they routinely confront increasingly complex social situations requiring cognitive and emotional skills they've never applied before. Adding a divorce or separation into the mix can deeply frustrate or upset them.

If you're looking for a legal decision-making and parenting time arrangement that will save your adolescent child some grief, consider these suggestions.

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