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Maintaining healthy relationships with the kids after divorce

As many Arizona residents may already know, divorce can take a heavy toll on a family. Not only does it emotionally stress both spouses, but it can also be very strenuous for the children who have to watch their family being torn apart. This effect might be amplified if one parent wins sole custody of the children, meaning that the other parent won't get to see their kids as often as they used to.

Researchers have aimed to figure out how the stress that comes with divorce can be mitigated, especially for the children. According to a new study, stress is largely determined by the relationship that children have with their parents. Surprisingly, researchers found that the level of acrimony between the former partners has a much lower effect.

Deciding what happens to a business in a divorce

Married entrepreneurs in Maricopa County should take steps to keep their business finances separate from their marital and personal expenses. Otherwise, business assets may not be considered separate property in a divorce. A prenuptial agreement offers one of the best ways to determine what is and isn't marital property for a couple.

If the company has been funded in any way using marital assets, however, it may be difficult to claim it as separate property. This could also be the case if a spouse worked for the company at any point but was paid less than market rates. In these cases, the spouse might be able to claim a contribution to the company's value.

Do older divorcees have a better chance of getting alimony?

Several factors go into an Arizona court’s decision on spousal maintenance. This is one of the most important parts of the proceedings from the long-term financial effects it will have on both parties. One of these factors is how old the spouse seeking maintenance is.

Since Arizona is a community property state, many would believe that older divorcees would have less of a chance of receiving alimony since any property or income they acquired during the marriage would be evenly split. However, there are many issues that older spouses have later in their lives that could have a drastic impact on the court’s decision.

Tips for completing a financial affidavit in an Arizona divorce

The legal documents you must complete and sign during a divorce can be overwhelming to many people who are unfamiliar with the legal process and language. Mistakes or oversights when filling out financial documents can have negative repercussions down the road.

For instance, if you are divorcing in Maricopa County, you are required to complete an Affidavit of Financial Information. This document plays a critical role in decisions regarding child support, alimony and property division. You should keep in mind the following tips to help you avoid confusion and legal missteps.

Benefits of family therapy

Every family has its problems, and each family has its way of solving those problems. However, most families would benefit from learning a few techniques for addressing their concerns while deepening connections with loved ones.

With more marital assets comes more complications in divorce

Every divorce presents complications, like a difficult child custody situation or just a lot of bitterness between the parties. High-asset divorces are no different, except they include unique challenges, especially concerning division of marital assets. Below, we discuss some examples.

Is there a connection between domestic violence and homelessness?

Victims of domestic violence face countless challenges, including threats to their physical safety and severe emotional trauma. Many also encounter significant financial hurdles that hinder any flight from an abusive relationship.

Unfortunately, January is an especially vulnerable time for domestic violence victims in Arizona. This is especially true when you look at the risks of displacement and homelessness.

How to divide collectibles, collections in a divorce

Dividing assets in any divorce can become problematic. Spouses often disagree about what should be shared in the first place, and may also quarrel over how to divide complex property, such as an investment plan, real estate, or a business. But difficulties can also arise over tangible objects, such as collections or collectibles, that belong together and lose significant value if scattered during a divorce. This can include art, stamps, figurines, comic books, or antique jewelry.

Here are some suggestions.

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