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Juvenile Court

Last updated on June 18, 2020

Some parents experience significant challenges in their lives that make it impossible for them to fulfill their basic parental responsibilities. When this happens, there are usually loved ones ready to step in and care for the children. In many situations, a temporary arrangement will become permanent, and this may require the court to intervene.

At Alongi Law Firm, PLLC, we realize the extraordinary impact these cases have on everyone involved. We have helped many Arizona families find solutions to petitions for child dependency, delinquency or termination of parental rights. We will work tirelessly to build the right foundation that allows you to obtain results that work best for you and your loved ones.

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Shaping The Future Of Your Family

Tom will meet with you to learn more about what is happening with your family so that he understands how to best serve you. He want to know your plans and then will examine all options. He will skillfully guide you and protect your rights at every step.

Thomas Alongi handles a wide range of juvenile law matters, including:

  • Helping grandparents, guardians, relatives, stepparents and foster parents with adoption proceedings
  • Working to obtain or defend against the termination or relinquishment of parental rights
  • Asserting or defending against allegations that a parent is unfit in dependency cases
  • Representing minor children accused of delinquency

In all these cases, it is extremely important that you have an experienced attorney on your side. These situations can quickly become challenging, and an attorney will be able to explain and address any issues that may arise. We want to help you protect your family’s future.

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