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What a shared custody schedule might look like

When people think of custody disputes, they often think of the arguments that arise when it comes to assigning sole versus joint custody. However, in many cases, custody battles aren't over who has custody, but rather when each person has parenting time. 

Don't forget about these 5 assets when dividing property

If you are getting divorced or considering filing for divorce, you likely have thought about what that decision means for your property. You probably think about whether you will keep your home, your car, your retirement savings and the money in your bank accounts. 

Will I receive spousal support?

One of the main concerns people have when they divorce is what their financial situation will look like after the divorce. This is not unusual, as going from a single household with one or two incomes to two separate households can take a toll on parties' economic resources.

What can I do if my ex doesn't pay child support?

Imagine you are single and sharing a parenting plan with your former partner. Everything starts amicably (if awkwardly), but you finally find a rhythm. Then your ex is late with a child support payment. And then the next one is late, too. Over the next several months, you receive sporadic payments here or there, but when you stop and think about it, it's been quite some time since you received a full, on-time payment.

What happens to someone who violates an order of protection?

Victims of domestic violence have the option of requesting an order for protection to stop a person from coming near them, contacting them and possessing a firearm. These orders come from the courts and can prevent further abuse and violence. 

Dealing with debt? How it can affect marriage and divorce

When people are in debt, they may not be able to provide they things they want for their kids or buy the home of their dreams. Many people might spend time worrying about how to pay for the things they need at the expense of enjoying time with the family.

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