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Last updated on October 12, 2022

We provide criminal defense services to those charged with crimes. We also offer victim representation in criminal cases. Because of the nature of our work, we frequently encounter clients on both sides of the issues. This allows our firm to have a unique perspective in the process that can help clients — no matter what side they are on.

Skilled Criminal Defense — Compassionate Approach

You want an attorney to be aggressive and experienced when you are faced with a criminal charge. Few things are as scary as the thought of jail time or steep financial consequences. A criminal charge can be overwhelming for you and your family.

Hiring a seasoned lawyer to assist you with your criminal defense can help alleviate the stress you are feeling. It can also help you navigate the process and insure that you don’t make any mistakes that will negatively affect your case.

Tom Alongi served as a prosecutor and an assistant United States attorney prior to becoming a defense attorney. He has the extensive background to effectively evaluate and defend your case in criminal court — whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a more serious felony case or drug crime.

Victims Have Rights In Arizona — We Can Help You Assert Them

Many people are unaware that the Arizona Constitution outlines specific crime victim rights. Often crime victims themselves are unaware of these rights. Crime victim rights must be asserted or they are waived. In order to assert them, you need to contact the prosecutor’s office and keep them informed if you move or change contact information. In other words, in order to be a part of the process, you need to be proactive. At our law firm, we frequently represent crime victims and counsel them on ways to be proactive and protect their rights.

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