Serving With Skill And Compassion


As an advocate for victims of abuse, I have worked with Tom on various family law cases. One special case comes to mind that exemplifies Tom’s commitment and passion for his work. I had been working on a safe exiting strategy with my client and her two minor children for over a year when the time came for us to seek an attorney. My client was fleeing an extremely controlling and abusive household with few resources compared to her husband. As she and her children fled their abusive household, her husband hired an attorney and filed for divorce unbeknownst to my client. Tom assisted us in obtaining a restraining order for my client and her children as the court battle began. As the court proceedings continued for over a year, Tom was always kind, supportive and sympathetic to my client and her family as they experienced growing changes. Tom’s patience and open communication was incredible. He was steadfast in stopping opposing counsel from bullying my client. Tom always maintained a professional manner even when others began to be uncouth. As the case came to a close, Tom’s expert knowledge and skill shined during trial and ultimately led to a windfall in favor of my client. My client wrote this after the case finished, “Thanks again for all of your help and support of the children and I through this journey. I truly am appreciative of everything that you guys have done for us; and, there are not enough words to express my life long gratitude that I will feel for all of your efforts. After getting to see the final court battle last week, I feel honored and blessed to have been paired up with the “Dream Team” on my side. Getting to witness how beautifully in sync you two work together, was absolutely magical.” I cannot thank Tom enough for his amazing work and dedication. I feel truly blessed to know Tom and have the privilege to work with him.

Lizzie K.

Tom Alongi was referred to me while I was in my darkest hour. My initial contact with His office was with his assistant/paralegal Tawsha

She greeted me with warmth and compassion.

Tom and his team navigated my very complicated case with complete professionalism , confidence and ultimately accomplished the end result I had wished for years.

Tom’s knowledge and understanding of domestic violence allowed him and his staff to handle my case appropriately and assist in my healing and protecting me and my children.

Wendy L.

After hiring multiple other attorneys and not feeling satisfied with the work they were doing, I finally found Tom Alongi to help me with my child custody/relocation case. Alongi is hardworking, empathetic, and highly knowledgeable about family law! I appreciated that Tom was always very open and honest about all of my options so I could decide what decisions to make for my son and I.

Tom is also well informed and compassionate about cases involving domestic abuse and I consider him to be an advocate for survivors. His paralegal, Tawsha, was also great to work with. I would recommend Tom Alongi to anyone who is looking for an attorney who is going to take their case seriously, go the extra mile, and achieve the best possible outcome.

Emily C.

Mr. Alongi is an excellent lawyer. I feel fortunate, blessed, honored, and privileged to have had him represent me in my domestic violence case. Watching Mr. Alongi’s professionalism, finesse, and his masterful command of the courtroom, exemplified why he is known as one of the best in the field.

Laurie W.

Mr. Alongi is an amazing, caring lawyer. I’m so grateful I had his representation in my complicated child custody case. I had to co-parent with my abuser for seven years, and never had peace; he would disobey court orders and kidnapped our child. Tom was clear and comprehensive in every step of the process, and took time to listen to every detail. He understands domestic violence and child safety, and was dedicated to showing the facts in court. My daughter is now growing beautiful and happy. I cannot express enough the gratitude my family and I will forever have for Mr. Alongi.

Veronica H.

Tom’s knowledge and expertise, won us the best result possible, and we are extremely happy with the level of professionalism and courtesy that Tom displayed during the course of our case.
He made sure that we were fully aware of the scale of the legal battle that we were about to go into, and when problems arose from the other party, he was right there to guide us along.
We are extremely grateful to Tom, and his amazing staff for everything that they have done for us, and I would highly recommend him to anyone facing an uphill legal battle.