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3 reasons an increasing number of men seek and obtain alimony

On Behalf of | May 3, 2023 | Divorce |

Alimony, also known as spousal support, was traditionally a way to financially support divorced women who could not earn their income due to societal constraints. Nowadays, divorce remedies evolved from this historical tradition. All spouses seek and obtain alimony, regardless of their gender.

However, an increasing number of men receive alimony in their divorces due to several modern reasons.

1. Changing gender roles

More women employed in the workforce led to evolving gender roles. Some women have higher-paying jobs than their husbands. In families where a man provides as the primary caregiver for his children or has taken on the role of the homemaker, he may seek alimony as financial support, just like a woman would in a similar situation.

2. Financial need

Men may also seek and obtain spousal support simply because they have a financial need. Divorce can cause financial devastation for both exes, so some men may find themselves unable to support themselves without spousal support.

3. Increased awareness and advocacy

Another reason why men are seeking and obtaining alimony is that more awareness and advocacy exist. To ensure that no one has an unfair disadvantage in divorce cases because of their gender, changes in the legal system now allow courts to recognize that men can get spousal support in certain situations.

Ultimately, the trend of men seeking and obtaining alimony stems from principles of equality and fairness. As more men take on non-traditional roles in family life and marriage, the number of men seeking alimony in divorce cases will likely continue increasing.