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Sharing custody on Halloween doesn't have to be scary

With just a month before Halloween, kids across Arizona are already planning costumes and starting to map out the best trick-or-treating routes. If you share custody of your kids, then you will want to do some preparation yourself.

What happens if I want a divorce but my spouse doesn't?

If you are ready to end your marriage but your spouse isn't, you can be understandably concerned about whether he or she will be able to prevent you from getting a divorce. In the end, a reluctant spouse can probably delay a divorce, but rarely succeeds in stopping it.

Tips to create the best parenting plan for teens

Teens between 14 and 17 years old become moody and anxious even in the best of times. They are physically different. Their brains are rapidly developing into maturity, and they routinely confront increasingly complex social situations requiring cognitive and emotional skills they've never applied before. Adding a divorce or separation into the mix can deeply frustrate or upset them.

Seeking support modification? Here are common challenges.

A child support order honors your son's or daughter's right to financial support from both legal parents. Arizona follows an "income shares" model that evaluates your combined income and child-related expenses. But occasions arise when that child support order deserves a change.

Tips to make child exchanges easier for everyone

Child exchanges ordered by a judge can be emotional, especially when parents are still adjusting to their new reality. To make this process a little easier, there are things parents can do before, during, and following an exchange to alleviate the stress.

Is It Abuse?

Sure, good people argue. They grow angry, frustrated, or scared. They may say or do things they regret. And married couples often adopt household roles voluntarily; one person might manage finances and work outside the home, while the other cares for their children.

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