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How to determine if divorce mediation is a viable option

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Divorce |

Before 2020 ends, many Arizonans will end their marriages. A lot of them want to avoid going to court when they divorce. In some cases, this is possible because spouses agree to mediation, instead.

Divorce mediation is one of several alternative dispute resolution alternatives. It involves peaceful discussions and negotiation, with both spouses agreeing ahead of time to try to avoid litigation and confrontation as much as possible. It may take one or numerous sessions to settle a divorce through mediation.

Many spouses hesitate to exercise this option because they are unsure whether it will work in their situations. One way to determine this is to consider both spouses’ ability to speak respectfully and amicably to each other. Some spouses seem to get into an argument every time they’re together, in which case, divorce mediation may not be the best option.

There is no one way to divorce. Every Arizona couple is unique, and a concerned spouse can request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney to help determine which process would best fit his or her needs in order to accomplish the individual’s ultimate goals. The good news is that, if spouses try mediation and it doesn’t work for them, a case can later be converted to litigation, as necessary. In mediation, as opposed to a collaborative divorce (another alternative dispute resolution option), if negotiations fall short and the parties head to court, the attorneys who represented the parties at mediation have every right to represent them in court.