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How long will you pay child support for?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2019 | Uncategorized |

There are many issues to resolve in a divorce. As a parent, you must also resolve how often you will see your kids but also how much you will pay to them in child support. Chances are that you’ve never experienced this process before and you may have questions about child support.

Among the biggest questions may be how long Arizona requires you to make those support payments.

Calculating how much you pay is based on how many children you have and your gross income. Arizona law says that you are responsible for support for all natural and adopted children. Making child support payments also won’t preclude you from a court ordering you to receive alimony.

How long you make those payments also depends on your family’s circumstances.

High school graduation is notable for you and your child

You are responsible for payments to your children until they graduate from high school and turn 18.

Keep in mind that a court may order you to pay beyond this period if you fall behind on payments or your child has long-term special needs.

Keeping up

It’s important to avoid falling behind on your payments. Late payments also come with interest that can cause you to fall behind. If you have a change in income or fall upon hard times, it’s best to make the court aware or request a modification if you expect the change to be long term.

Child support can be complicated, which is why many people seek the advice of an attorney.