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Legal Decision-Making And Parenting Time (Custody)

Parents facing a difficult child custody situation may be concerned about the time they will get to spend with their child. There is a great misconception that Arizona is a “50-50” state, meaning both parents always spend equal time with their children. This is not true in all cases. While the courts like to maximize the time a child will spend with each parent, judges must still base their decisions on the child’s best interest.

At Alongi Law Firm, PLLC, we have helped many parents design and implement custody plans that help them protect the time they have with their children. We carefully explain what the law is and how it could apply to your case. We want you to feel comfortable with the process so you know what to expect. You do not have to be afraid. We are here, working hard to protect your family.

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Knowledgeable Advice At Each Stage Of Your Case

We have guided many families through difficult and complex child custody cases. We know the importance of getting these cases right the first time, because any changes down the road could have a major impact on a child’s life. We take the time to properly evaluate each situation to learn what is best for each family. We help with many custody matters, including:

  • Working with parents to find the right legal decision-making and parenting time arrangement for them
  • Discussing all of the important issues in the child’s life, such as who makes decisions regarding health care, counseling and education
  • Resolving conflicts between decisions made in different states or countries
  • Helping parties resolve paternity disputes
  • Evaluating the wisdom of relocating with children to a new home
  • Calculating the appropriate amount of child support in each case
  • Determining whether family violence occurred and the impact it should have on custody arrangements

While we always strives for a mediated agreement, many controversies related to children end up inside the courtroom. Tom is an experienced litigator, meaning he is strongly prepared to advocate for you at trial and seek orders that will secure the safety and positive development of your child.

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