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Tips for avoiding holiday domestic violence

It's a sad fact that for some families, the holidays are less a source of joy and more an occasion of domestic violence. The stresses of holiday shopping, overspending and extended periods around difficult family members can take a toll on even the most even-keeled among us. For those already keeping their tempers on a short leash, the holidays can tip the apple cart into a disastrous direction.

How is child abuse defined under the law?

Most states define child abuse as any type of cruelty against a child. This is not limited just to physical abuse, but includes mental abuse also. In some states, it is a law that caregivers must report suspected child abuse. This is in an effort to limit unreported child abuse cases. This blog gives a brief overview of the elements of child abuse under the law.

We can help you break the cycle of domestic violence

The attorneys at Alongi Law Firm, PLLC, understand the insidious nature of domestic violence and the iron grips in which it can enfold our clients. We offer concrete solutions for removing domestic violence victims and their children from relationships with abusive partners.

Fear of deportation leads to immigrants not reporting assaults

One of the dangerous -- but inevitable -- consequences of the present administration's decision to crack down on undocumented immigrants is that many now are afraid to call 911 for medical or police emergencies. They fear that by drawing attention to themselves, their status could get them deported.

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