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Last updated on June 18, 2020

Spousal maintenance (also called alimony) is the term used for a financial award to a dependent spouse. The amount may be temporary or permanent, be a lump-sum or monthly payments. Spousal support can take on different forms, and the amount will vary greatly by case and individual circumstances.

When you are going through a divorce or about to start the process, you probably want to know that you will be financially okay. Being all right means different things to different people. Generally speaking, in spousal support cases, the person who is requesting support wants to be able to afford their living expenses while the person paying support wants the same.

Speak With An Attorney To Effectively Understand This Complicated Issue

In Arizona, courts consider a number of factors when determining spousal maintenance awards. The law on spousal support has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Spousal support is not as easy to put in place as it was in the past. The legal process of awarding spousal maintenance involves two steps, and each step is critical to making sure the appropriate award is ordered.

Each judge and county approaches divorce and spousal maintenance differently. Having counsel who understands the nuances and background information of all the players can help your case. Experienced counsel can also assist you with comprehension of the interplay between the property division, child support and their potential impact on spousal maintenance.

By relying on an experienced attorney, you can better position yourself to receive the financial support you deserve. You can also make sure that any amount you may have to pay is reasonable.

A Skilled Divorce Lawyer Can Help Evaluate Your Case

Ultimately, the issue of spousal maintenance is a complicated one. Meeting with an attorney is a very important step in protecting your legal position.

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