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Avoid Making These Common Mistakes In Family Court

Last updated on October 12, 2022

Meeting with a skilled family law attorney can help you in a number of important ways. One of those ways is help you avoid making mistakes that can harm your case. We work to counsel clients to avoid many of these.

Mistake #1: Failure To Read (And Follow) Court Orders

When a court issues an order, they expect the parties to read them. The court issues orders with legally enforceable language. You cannot later state that you did something against the order because you didn’t know. The order is issued so that you will read it — and follow it.

Mistake #2: Avoidance

Dealing with family law issues isn’t a pleasant undertaking. We understand that people are reluctant to address certain tasks. However, we often see clients come to us when it is too late to do anything or when they are in a worse position that they would have been otherwise.

Mistake #3: Focusing On Who Is At Fault

The truth is that who is at fault in the demise of a relationship or a divorce doesn’t matter to the ultimate resolution of a case. It isn’t that the judge or lawyers don’t care, however they want to focus on a solution to resolve the matter, and emphasizing who is to blame is not helpful in resolving disputes.

Mistake #4: Not Being Able To Set Aside Emotions

Family law cases are emotional, no doubt about it. We understand that it is tough to set aside emotions. We empathize with our clients’ emotions and difficulties. However, we also acknowledge that in the long run, you should focus on what is best for your family. That often means setting aside your emotions and making decisions based on moving forward.

Mistake #5: Not Effectively Managing Time

Unfortunately, in Arizona courts, especially in busy Phoenix — and many family courts around the country — you do not get an infinite amount of time to try a family law case in a court trial. In reality, you get a day or half day to set forth all the complexities of your case. Many clients’ testimony focuses on issues that don’t assist judges in making important decisions about their children and finances.

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