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Dos and don'ts of creating a solid parenting plan

Parents who are divorced or broken up should expect to discuss child custody matters. Often, this means figuring out a way to share legal decision-making authority and parenting, though sometimes one parent retains sole custody.

International abductions require special procedures

Parental kidnapping is a real threat that is magnified if the abductor manages to leave the United States. Although this type of custody interference is frequently seen in situations where one parent is a foreign national, parental abductions where the child is taken to other countries sometimes occur even when both parents are American citizens.

Can Arizona dads win custody of their kids?

Fathers of past generations used to be at a disadvantage when pursuing child custody cases against the mothers of their children. While the pendulum has begun to swing in the other direction, giving fathers a better chance at justice in Maricopa County family law courts, dads still sometimes wind up shortchanged of time with their children.

Military members face special challenges in child custody cases

Child custody matters are difficult for anyone to handle. When one of the parents is in the military, the challenges seem to mount. Understanding what special considerations are in place for members of the armed forces can help the men and women facing these situations to formulate a plan.

What dads need to know about visitation for their newborn

Unfortunately, there are many children being born into a single-parent environment. While mother and father may not have remained together as a couple, both still have rights and responsibilities when it comes to the life they have created. As a father, it can obviously be more difficult to be a part of your child's life unless you make it happen -- and if you take the proper steps, you can do just that.

Grandparents' rights in Arizona have expanded

When it comes to grandparents' rights, Arizona has not traditionally been the most hospitable state. In fact, here, two-parent intact families are exempt from being sued for grandparent visitation. Four years ago, however, Arizona legislators updated their family law statutes.

Is your social media presence a hindrance to your custody case?

If you are litigating a contested custody matter -- or even just a particularly nasty divorce -- how your electronic data is managed during the process can have a significant impact on your case.

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