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A parent's home may factor into a custody decision

Where an Arizona parent lives may have an impact on whether he or she is granted custody of a child. For instance, a father who is trying to get custody of his daughter may need to provide extra privacy for her. If a parent is seeking custody of children who are not close in age, it may be necessary to provide separate living spaces for the two of them. However, parents won't necessarily be denied custody if they don't live in a large home.

Pitfalls in Your Family Court Case

Family court cases present multiple issues, such as legal decision-making for a child, parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, and property or debt division. Each of these issues, in turn, is complex. So it is not unusual for parties to get disorganized, confused, or overwhelmed by the minutiae of divorce filings. Without support and helpful resources, people can misstep.

Seeking support modification? Here are common challenges.

A child support order honors your son's or daughter's right to financial support from both legal parents. Arizona follows an "income shares" model that evaluates your combined income and child-related expenses. But occasions arise when that child support order deserves a change.

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