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Don’t let divorce ruin your physical health

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Divorce |

When a person experiences a stressful situation, he or she may feel emotionally distraught, needing time and support to recover. For instance, those in Arizona who are currently preparing for or have recently navigated divorce may be glad to be moving on in life but also feel a sense of loss or emotional distress. Even more problems can arise if that emotional distress manifests itself through adverse physical health.

This is what Paramore rock band member Hayley Williams says happened to her when she and her former husband called it quits. Williams says their marriage had been tumultuous for a long time. She was already emotionally traumatized by the time her divorce was made final. At that time, she said, her weight had plummeted to a mere 91 pounds, a physical effect of her emotional stress.

Is it possible to avoid stress 100% in divorce? It is not likely; however, it is often possible to keep stress to a minimum. Coping with divorce and laying the groundwork for a new lifestyle is not as stressful is one has built a strong support network from the start.

Divorce brings about many changes in life that can be challenging, especially if the Arizona spouses involved are parents or have a high-net worth value. Licensed counselors, financial advisers and experienced family law attorneys can provide much needed guidance and assistance in or out of the courtroom. A first logical step to take when in need of such support is to reach out either by scheduling a meeting with a professional or simply initiating a conversation with someone who has navigated similar issues in the past.