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Can I modify a custody agreement?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Having to file for divorce is one of the hardest things to do. It signifies the end of a long-term relationship with someone you once cared for. However, you may still have to see and work with your former spouse if you have a child together. This can be difficult if you ended on poor terms or if one parent is not willing to cooperate. Having a custody agreement approved by a court can make this situation easier, but problems can still exist if the other spouse does not adhere to the contract.

Three reasons to alter a parenting agreement

For the court to change an agreement, there must be a valid reason. Changing the order must also be in the interest of the child; otherwise, the judge is unlikely to hear your case. Some common reasons for a custody agreement to be amended are:

  • The child is at risk: If there is any reason to believe that the child is at risk, either from physical or mental abuse, the courts may alter the agreement. You may need evidence to prove this claim to the court.
  • A parent has moved: When one parent moves a considerable distance away, you may be able to change the custody order. The child’s life could be severely impacted if they have to travel to the relocating parent’s house every so often. They will miss out on any activities they enjoy, as well as making memories with their friends.
  • A spouse is uncooperative: This is a fairly common reason for parents to ask for an alteration to their agreement. If one spouse is continuously disobeying the current contract, the judge might not consider them fit to have custody rights. Keeping track of when and why the other parent is being uncooperative can help you in court.

Co-parenting can be difficult when one parent isn’t putting in enough effort or if you both are just not seeing eye-to-eye. If you need any help with altering the parenting agreement, consider speaking with an experienced attorney. They can help you realize the options available and fight for you in court.