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Tips to make custody exchanges easier

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2019 | Uncategorized |

After getting a divorce, it can be hard to imagine continuing to see your ex through a custody agreement. In the beginning, your emotions may still be running high, so anything you can do to make the transition smoother will help.

Here are a few tips to make exchanging parent time go over as easily as possible.

Keep a collaborative calendar

Whether you use Google, Outlook or a calendar tool specifically designed for divorced parents, maintaining a collaborative document will help you and your ex organize a schedule while having minimal contact with one another.

This can also help keep either of you from forgetting or miscommunicating irregular scheduling conflicts, such as dentist appointments or parent-teacher conferences.

Choose a neutral location

When you go to make the actual parent-time exchange, you may find it most beneficial to do it in a neutral location. This will keep either of you from revisiting the pet you once shared, running into new partners or generally being too emotional.

A public neutral setting can keep either of you from spurring into an inappropriate argument or lingering too long.

Remember your kids are watching

Above all, remember that your child looks up to you and the other parent as role models. Try to remain civil with your ex and keep your conversation to a minimum. Remember not to have any private conversations in front of your child.

While it may feel awkward in the beginning, keep in mind that this person may always remain a part of your life by association. Keeping things as civil as possible now may lead to more positive experiences with your child as he or she grows up.