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Divorcing couples can plan ahead for co-parenting

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Legal Decision Making And Parenting Time |

When Maricopa County parents decide to divorce, they may be concerned about how their changed relationship will affect their children. In addition, going through the divorce itself is only the first step towards a new, important relationship with the children at the center: co-parenting. While people may have difficulty adjusting to a new situation after a divorce, parents can come together to put the children first even after their romantic relationship has come to an end.

In the first place, children benefit from stability. When they go back and forth between both of their parents’ houses for parenting time, it can be important for them to find similar rules and expectations in both households. Of course, sometimes this is a challenge, because differences in approaches to parenting can be a major contributor to a divorce. Even when parents disagree about discipline, they can come together on common expectations for the children.

In addition, planning can be critical to a positive co-parenting relationship. Developing a parenting plan can include extensive scheduling and sharing of weeks, vacations and holidays. However, when kids are involved, it can be important to be flexible and change plans quickly. Shared calendars or even specialized online co-parenting messaging sites can allow two divorced parents to quickly exchange information with one another. Being adaptable can help kids to feel supported even when their parents are no longer together, especially when they can communicate about important issues to the children.

Negotiating parenting plans and other aspects of child custody can be one of the more challenging and emotionally fraught aspects of a divorce. A family law attorney can help a divorcing client to negotiate a fair settlement that respects and encourages the parent-child relationship.