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Maintaining healthy relationships with the kids after divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Divorce |

As many Arizona residents may already know, divorce can take a heavy toll on a family. Not only does it emotionally stress both spouses, but it can also be very strenuous for the children who have to watch their family being torn apart. This effect might be amplified if one parent wins sole custody of the children, meaning that the other parent won’t get to see their kids as often as they used to.

Researchers have aimed to figure out how the stress that comes with divorce can be mitigated, especially for the children. According to a new study, stress is largely determined by the relationship that children have with their parents. Surprisingly, researchers found that the level of acrimony between the former partners has a much lower effect.

In a nutshell, what mattered most was that the children knew that their parents cared about them and were there whenever they needed them. This communication doesn’t need to be in person; parents can reach out to their kids through social media or even texting. In fact, when parents use these mediums, they can reach their children without having to go through the other parent. This is especially helpful if the parents have an antagonistic relationship with one another.

Regardless of the form of communication, it’s vital that parents stay in touch with their children. That being said, if either parent feels that the other ex is trying to intervene in their relationship with the kids, then it might be beneficial to see an experienced lawyer. Legal counsel could inform a parent of their legal options.