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Wedding photographers notice divorce red flags

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Divorce |

Wedding photographers are in a unique position to observe the interactions between brides and grooms during wedding photo shoots. As such, below are some common red flags these professional shutterbugs have noticed often lead to broken marriages.

The couple lacks chemistry

We’ve all seen it in some movies, where on or both lead actors appear not to be attracted to one another. While that’s just cinema, when couples don’t appear to be attracted to one another for their wedding shoot, it doesn’t bode well for the marriage itself.

One of the spouses doesn’t want to be photographed

There are many reasons why people don’t like to have their pictures taken — self-esteem issues, not being photogenic, shyness — but most are able to tamp them down for their wedding shoot because they realize the importance of commemorating this important day.

But if one spouse appears angry, disinterested or tries to avoid being photographed, it could signal their ambivalence about the marriage.

They have a high rate of no-shows on the RSVP list

Of course, couples can’t be responsible for the rudeness of all boorish guests who RSVP their attendance and fail to arrive on the wedding day. But if a high number of family members and friends either don’t commit to attending the wedding or RSVP and skip it, there could be serious underlying reasons for their decisions.

While most people turn out in droves to witness positive, happy events, others routinely shun watching obvious debacles play out. Not wanting to witness a couple joined in marriage could be a predictor of divorce.

The bride and groom have widely disparate ideas about money

She wants a “dream wedding” that runs into six figures. He’d prefer to bankroll their first home or pay off student loans. While couples don’t have to be in lockstep on all financial issues for the marriages to succeed, being on two completely different pages about money is a bad omen.

If your marriage begins on a sour note, investing in some joint marital counseling sessions could get it back on track. However, if it’s really off the rails, you may need to file for divorce in the Maricopa County courts.

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