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Yes, you can share Halloween with your kids and co-parent

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Divorce |

If you are a newly-divorced Maricopa County parent, this may be your first year flying solo with the kids on Halloween. What may surprise you the most is the strong desires of the children to include their other parent in this year’s Halloween festivities.

You may think that is a pipe dream, setting all of your differences aside in order to both be present while the kids trick-or-treat. But it’s really not, and the following tips may inspire you to reach out to your ex and offer to let him or her participate with the family this year.

Plan well ahead. While we are coming into crunch time for this Halloween, it’s still possible to get on the phone and ask your ex to drop by during trick-or-treat times to walk door-to-door with the kids. Let him or her know how much the children would like to share this holiday with both of their parents. Then resolve to make it work.

Allow kids to celebrate two Halloween events. Some custody and visitation arrangements don’t allow for both co-parents to share the Halloween holiday together. If that is your situation, allow the kids to celebrate twice during their time with each parent.

Share Halloween costume photos with co-parents. Not all parents will be able to be present to celebrate the holiday with their kids. Take plenty of photos to send to divorced military moms and dads and other co-parents living or working out-of-state.

Keep conflict to a minimum

Understand that both co-parents can love their children deeply and not be in lock-step with each other regarding safety. While you may have a two-piece-a-day rule for eating Halloween candy, your child’s other parent may take a more relaxed approach. Relax. As long as they are brushing, it should all be good. Don’t create hassles where none exist.

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