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Where have all our assets gone?!

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Property Division |

If your divorce involves complicated financial or other assets, you may suspect that your spouse is being less-than-forthcoming about everything. But, can you prove it?

In order to receive a fair divorce settlement, you need to act on your suspicions and turn detective. Below are some eye-opening insights into the ways spouses hide assets.

Let me count the ways

1. The old tax dodge — underreporting one’s income on financial statements or tax return. Revenue can’t be cited in financial analyses unless it’s reported.

2. Buying high-dollar goods that might be undervalued or even overlooked. This underhanded move is especially useful for collectors. Who really pays attention to a spouse’s rock and roll memorabilia or coin collections? You do, now.

3. Stashing cash. Maybe it’s in a shoebox in the back of his closet or in a safe deposit box. Either way, you can’t receive your fair share if you can’t locate it.

4. Withholding bonuses or commissions, or telling a boss to delay a promotion or raise until the divorce is final.

5. Fabricating debt. This involves collusion with either friends or family to create the illusion a spouse is heavily indebted by personal loans.

6. Overpaying the IRS. If your spouse pays more than is owed, that is a guaranteed refund later.

7. Establish custodial accounts in a minor child’s name and social security number. After the divorce is finalized, your spouse simply closes the account and pockets the cash.

8. Stock transfers. Investment accounts looking a little light? Your soon-to-be ex may have set up some dummy corporations to transfer stock or investment monies.

Don’t let another penny disappear from your grasp. Ask your family law attorney to recommend a forensic accountant to go over your assets and finances with a fine-tooth comb.

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