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Child support modification tips to help you avoid trouble

Paying child support can be a challenge, but you know that this is one of the best ways to ensure that your child continues to live the life he or she deserves.

At some point, you could find that you are unable to make your child support payments in full. While you hope that your financial situation changes for the better in the future, you can't get behind with respect to your payments. This is why you need to take immediate action.

How does divorce affect the legal status of immigrants?

Divorces can be complex legal matters, especially when one of the spouses (or both) is from another country. In some cases, a divorce can cause immigration authorities to scrutinize the marriage closely, looking for evidence of fraud. Below is some basic information about divorce and remarriage involving immigrants.

Divorce can jeopardize an immigrant's citizenship status. Noncitizens who divorce might not be able to apply for citizenship on the same grounds, i.e., being married to United States citizens.

  • When noncitizens already have "green cards" and get divorced, they retain their residency status. But if the immigrant was married to a citizen for less than three years and has been a legal permanent resident for less than five years, he or she can't apply for citizenship status until they have been a legal resident in America for no fewer than five years.
  • Immigrant spouses who are conditional residents and who get divorced can't become legal permanent residents based on marital status. Sometimes immigrants may be permitted to file waivers of termination so they can retain residency status.
  • When couples divorce before the immigrant spouse is a permanent resident, any of the immigrant spouse's children with noncitizens are barred from residency based on the marriage.

Why is the valuation date of marital assets important?

When couples with significant assets split up, those assets must be professionally valuated in order to accurately divide the community property from the marriage. Assigning the proper dollar amount to each marital asset requires that the valuation date for each is correctly identified.

Why are valuation dates important?

Tips for fathers living far away to remain close to their kids

Are you an Arizona dad who is struggling to parent from a distance? It's important to remain connected to your children no matter how much space is between you. Below are some tips for ways to stay engaged across the miles.

  • Get a silkscreen portrait of yourself done on a pillowcase. Dab it with a drop or two of your signature cologne and send it to your son or daughter to put on their pillow at home.
  • Record yourself reading different bedtime stories to the kids, then send them the recordings and books to listen to before drifting off.
  • If your child has a special sporting or other event coming up, order deliveries of pizza or flowers to show you remembered.
  • Send a sick child a care package of comfort foods, soft pajamas or nighties, plush stuffed animals, blankets and paperbacks or comic books.
  • Name a star after your son or daughter. Call (800) 282-3333 to arrange.
  • Plan an activity the two of you can do over the phone, e.g., watching a movie or the big game on TV, fishing or even a shopping trip in the mall.
  • Mail the kids postcards and letters regularly. Tuck small surprises in the envelopes — dried wildflowers that you picked, coupons for a fast food treat, a couple dollar bills, etc.
  • Take a virtual field trip together over the internet using Skype or Facetime.
  • Begin a journal and describe your daily activities to the kids. Sprinkle in some life lessons and observations.

Feel free to add your own touch of whimsy to the list. It's less important what you do or send than that you are making a regular effort to remain connected and engaged in your kids' lives.

Is your social media presence a hindrance to your custody case?

If you are litigating a contested custody matter — or even just a particularly nasty divorce — how your electronic data is managed during the process can have a significant impact on your case.

Divorce is an adversarial action, which means that your soon-to-be ex may be looking for some salacious ammo to lob at you during your divorce proceedings. Don't provide fodder for him or her through your presence on social media. Use the following tips to safeguard your private electronic data and protect your parenting rights.

Some children have more exposure to domestic violence

Are you aware that children of American Indian and Alaska Native lineage have higher rates of exposure to domestic violence than any other races in America?

There are both long-term and immediate effects due to heightened exposure to instances of domestic violence. For instance, kids experience:

  • Poorer performance in school
  • Higher rates of alterations in their neurological development
  • Poor mental and physical health
  • Higher incidences of substance abuse
  • Overrepresentation in juvenile justice systems

How do you get a child support modification?

If the court requires you to make child support payments, it's important that you do so in full and on time every month. You don't want to miss payments, as this can get you into all types of trouble.

But what happens if you are no longer able to afford your child support payments? Is there any way to pay less for the time being? A child support modification request may be a potential solution.

Millennials eager to sign prenups

Millennials are proving to be pragmatic in some instances where their parents were more starry-eyed romantics. For one, many delay marrying until they are well north of their 30th birthdays, so they have likely launched careers and accrued assets and separately-owned resources. Some already are property or business owners when they walk down the aisle.

According to some financial advisers, this makes millennials protective of their hard-owned assets. They tend to welcome the notion of signing prenuptial agreements, whereas the previous generation found them cynical, unromantic and a dismal start to a marriage.

Have you been served? Don't be a casualty of divorce season

Did you wind up getting served with divorce papers last month? Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. August is a peak time for divorce, researchers at the University of Washington discovered.

The sociologists conducted 15 years of research on divorces in Washington State. The two months out of the year where there is a marked uptick in the number of divorce petitions filed are March and August.


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