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Why are Arizona kids being seized and put in state custody?

One of the scariest experiences children can endure is being removed from their parents' homes. Unfortunately, due to neglect and abuse, sometimes removing them is necessary to protect them from further harm.

But as we detailed in an earlier blog post this summer, when the state of Arizona takes custody of children from their parents, the kids sometimes wind up in far more horrifically abusive foster homes. Even sadder, the aforementioned case is hardly an outlier.

The case of the incredible shrinking assets

Do you suspect that your soon-to-be ex-spouse is attempting to deceive you regarding the property division component of your divorce?

If so, they may be using some of the following tactics to hide substantial marital assets.

  • Delaying payment of substantial commissions — allegedly for "tax purposes."
  • Shifting assets from joint to separate accounts in his or her name only.
  • Transferring joint assets to a family member or friend until the property settlement is finalized. Then, the co-conspirator arranges to transfer the valuable assets right back to just your ex-spouse, leaving your share of the proceeds out entirely.
  • Use debit cards to build up a nest egg with cash-back withdrawals. While this is not going to enrich one party enormously, it also will rarely be detected because it shows up as household purchases and groceries.
  • Delaying invoicing clients for the time being to make it appear as if a business is barely getting by.
  • Requesting that bonuses, raises and promotions wait until the property settlement has been reached.
  • Faking expenses for a business. Adding sham consultants to the payroll, pre-paying vendors and other underhanded tactics diminish a company's net worth, but only on paper.
  • Paying too much in taxes, only to use the overpayment to offset tax debts in the future.
  • Omitting stock options and employer retirement accounts from the negotiations.
  • Spend money on expensive items for the business, like art or vehicles, that eats into the business profits.

Determining who gets the dog in a divorce

If you are an animal lover, you know how devastating it is to lose a pet. If you and your spouse are going through divorce, you both may be haggling over who gets to keep the family dog or cat.

If the two of you don't reach accord on your own, the matter could get settled in a courtroom by the judge presiding over your divorce.

Should kids be told of a parent's infidelity?

Some marriages wither to their ends, with both parties growing more distant from one another until they both are essentially living separate lives.

But other marriages self-immolate in a conflagration that threatens to consume everyone involved — including the children. Relationships torn asunder by adultery frequently fall into that latter category.

Why does the court get involved in religious decisions?

Your religion is very important to you. You want to raise your child under that religion, just like you were raised by your parents.

The problem is that you and your spouse are getting divorced. Your spouse is not of the same religion -- and is not really very religious at all. He or she doesn't want the child raised under that religion.

The clash of federal and state pot laws in Arizona

If you are an Arizona resident who suffers from one or more disabling medical condition, you may have been paying close attention to recent developments surrounding the legalization of the use of medical marijuana.

Seven years ago, Arizona voters passed the state's Medical Marijuana Act, but that hardly settled the issue.

How is child abuse defined under the law?

Most states define child abuse as any type of cruelty against a child. This is not limited just to physical abuse, but includes mental abuse also. In some states, it is a law that caregivers must report suspected child abuse. This is in an effort to limit unreported child abuse cases. This blog gives a brief overview of the elements of child abuse under the law.

A child abuse charge

How are assets divided in an Arizona divorce?

One of the thorniest issues in divorce is the division of property. As Arizona is a community property state, each spouse is considered a co-owner of all of the property acquired during the marriage. As such, the assets must be equally divided.

For couples with few assets who have only been married a short time, this process can be short, if not sweet. But it can be a complex negotiation for those with long marriages and significant assets like the following:

Breaking the chains of domestic violence in Phoenix

Some women who have been abused by their intimate partners attempt to justify remaining in the relationship out of misguided beliefs that their children will fare better in life if they grow up in a two-parent home. However, statistics certainly don't support this belief.

The true cost of growing up in a violent home

Foster child raped, scaled, nearly killed by 2 foster parents

An Arizona parent filed a lawsuit against the state after her 5-year-old daughter wound up sexually abused, maimed and nearly dead from treatment by a succession of foster parents.

The child's mother was an addict, which caused her to lose custody of her child. Yet, just as with many parents who fall into the trap of addiction, that proved to be the wake-up call that she needed to get herself sober and back onto the parenting track. It was then that she noticed her daughter's deteriorating condition while under the care of her foster father.


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